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Reactions in Chemistry
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Sub Image2:Macro to Micro Structures
1) Atoms and Molecules2) Macro to Micro Structures 3) Energetics and Dynamics 4) Theory and Practice in Chemical Systems 5) Chemical Design 6) The Chemistry of Life 7) Chemistry and the Environment 8) Chemistry at the Interface

Re: [Channel-talkchemistry] graduate credit?

From: Kathleen Shearrer <kshearrer@psdr3.org>
Date: Fri Jul 07 2006 - 14:42:46 EDT


I think you are right on target with the graduate credit assignments (at
least those are the three that I am also working on for credit).

I've enjoyed the videos, especially watching the teacher/student
interactions. As I watch the videos, I often wonder which teacher my
students would say I teach the most like. I really admire Mr. DeGennaro's
enthuisasm and positive attitude. I hope that my students would say that
I emit the same energy. I've also noticed that some of the teachers are
more skilled than others in questioning techniques and in holding high
expectations for performance.


Discussion list for REACTIONS IN CHEMISTRY
<channel-talkchemistry@learner.org> on Thursday, July 6, 2006 at 7:57 PM

>I am also taking "Reactions in Chemistry" for graduate credit and am
>confused about the assignments. The assignment that I thought was due
>consisted of three parts.
>1. A folder/journal documenting participation;
>2. A reflective paper explaining how course concepts have influenced
>classroom goals or practice; and
>3. A classroom project that demonstrates one concrete way you have
>implemented concepts/strategies in your classroom.
>Are these the assignments to be completed or are they only for those
>attending a workshop?
>Pat Hoffman

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