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[Channel-talkchemistry] Video Program #4 Equilbrium Demos

From: Kathleen Shearrer <kshearrer@psdr3.org>
Date: Tue Jul 04 2006 - 00:38:18 EDT

I thought that Ms. Walsh's demonstration of equilbrium using 2 pans of
water and 2 cups was very good. Does anyone else out there have good
equilbrium demonstrations? To illustrate the rate determining step, I use
a set up of three different sized funnels. I set up the funnels on a ring
stand, one funnel below the other. You can put the funnels in whatever
order you want to, but putting the smallest funnel last is best. Pour
water through the top funnel and discuss with the students which funnel is
slowing down the process as the water flows from top funnel to bottom
funnel. Relate that funnel to the rate determining step of a chemical
system. (You might want to put the ring stand in a tub to catch the
excess water!).


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