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[Channel-talkchemistry] Building Molecules lab, video 1

From: Dan and Kathy McGrane <dkmcgrane@comcast.net>
Date: Fri Jun 23 2006 - 10:35:18 EDT
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook, Build 10.0.6626

 I have just completed the first video and the corresponding assignments for
this class. I am excited to try to develop a lesson the "Building Molecules
Lab" by Sharon Walton. I was thinking of how I would create one lesson plan
(of the 3 required) to use in my AP chemistry class. I have often thought
of using the balloons to model VSEPR theory, but have to admit, I didn't
think it would be very effective. When I saw the examples that students
made in the video, I was impressed and decided I really must do this
activity next year. I have found that my students have difficulty learning
the expanded octet shapes in particular, so I'd like to modify Sharon's
activity to try to demonstrate other shapes, such as seesaw, T-shaped, and
linear (for 5 electron pairs) and square planar and square pyramidal for 6
electron pairs.


I also excited to have access to some really nice websites that students
could use to learn/better understand the material. I feel like that is an
area that needs improvement in my teaching-hopefully this class will allow
me the chance to investigate some tutorial/discovery based web sites that
students could use to learn some material.




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