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Reactions in Chemistry
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Re: [Channel-talkchemistry] New to group

From: Cindy Lee Duckert <duckert@focol.org>
Date: Wed Jun 07 2006 - 17:24:52 EDT
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At 03:55 PM 6/7/2006, you wrote:

>I have not used this list either and would like to take the summer
>session. I would also like to know how to use this to the fullest
> >>> kshearrer@psdr3.org 6/7/2006 1:42 PM >>>
>I am new to this list, as I am taking Reactions in Chemistry this
>session 06. Is anyone else taking this course and responding to this
>list? If so, please reply. I am new to this list and am not sure
>how to use it to its full advantage.

Hello Kathleen and Kim

I took Reactions a while back and never took my name off the
list. It is a good place to share resources and ideas. The course
itself has some excellent activities and strategies, but the
participants have even more. It is also a good place to share
something about yourself and get to know others who teach chemistry.

One truly fine discussion was about sharing first day activities. I
work as a museum educator and also homeschool, so either I have kids
for at most a week, usually an hour or I have had them since birth,
both very different venues from a conventional classroom. Two of the
projects I am working on are ways for our docents to explain
radiometric dating succinctly and to explain how spectrometry works
beyond the "light fingerprint" analogy.

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