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Reactions in Chemistry
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[Channel-talkchemistry] sequence of topics

From: Kristen Vanderveen <kvanderveen@psharvard.org>
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 10:42:16 EST
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The listserver has been quiet lately; I'd like to start up
a discussion.

My question is: What sequence of topics do you typically
use? What is your rationale for the sequence that you

I have listed my current sequence below, but it's not
carved in stone. Although it's a good sequence, I know
other teachers use very different sequences very
successfully. I'd like to know what they are!

For example, in my college prep chemistry classes, I like
the following sequence:
-Particulate Nature of Matter, Significant Figures
-Atomic Theory, including the modern model and electron
-Periodic Trends,
  I like to do these all together in one continuous unit,
rather than revisiting atomic theory later in the year.
 This year, to meet state testing requirements, I did
nuclear chemistry right after atomic theory.

-Chemical Bonding
-Formula Writing and Nomenclature
-Mole Based Problems (empirical formula, moles, gfm)
I find it's easier for student to remember ionic vs.
covalent nomenclature if they understand the difference in

-Chemical Reactions
Students have the prerequisite skills in writing formulas
and using moles before we start this unit.

-Gases and Solutions
-Kinetics and Equilibrium
-Acids and Bases

This sequence builds on previous topics--we can talk about
Ksp and Ka, because of already developed skills.

Kristen VanderVeen
Chemistry Teacher
The Bromfield School
14 Massachusetts Avenue
Harvard, MA

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