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Reactions in Chemistry
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[Channel-talkchemistry] Reactions in chemistry workshop #5

From: Joe Lannan <jlannan@esu3.org>
Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 10:12:15 EST

" laboratory exercises help them ( students) relate chemistry to the real world" I could not agree more. Labs and demonstrations are the corner stone of chemistry. What I continue to gain from the film and activity series is the importance to make the connection to an every day experience the student can relate to. My students complete a separation lab early in the year that involves separating sand and sugar. I do not give them much in terms of directions. My goal is to have them develop a procedure and then put it to work. As needed they make adjustments to there procedure as they run into problems. It is a good exploration lab. I think I will follow up with the distillation lab activity next year as presented in the workshop. A couple of things I was concerned with was first I do not like the idea that the students do not write the lab up prior to completing the lab. I do a pre-lab instructions the day before and they are expected to write the lab up ( purpose, procedure, data/calculations table(s)) before the next class period. With my AP c chemistry students I also give them a pre-lab quiz. The second thing that I did not agree with was to assign different "jobs" to each student and then submit one lab report. What do you all think? Post lab discussion is very important. Sharing observation, data and conclusions can be an excellent tool. The idea to link what was learned in the lab to class room lecture/discussion helps my students gain a better understanding. I was impressed with each teacher's discussions as their activity was taking place in the film. Keeping them on task and directing the learning seemed to help those students.

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