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Reactions in Chemistry
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1) Atoms and Molecules2) Macro to Micro Structures 3) Energetics and Dynamics 4) Theory and Practice in Chemical Systems 5) Chemical Design 6) The Chemistry of Life 7) Chemistry and the Environment 8) Chemistry at the Interface

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From: <susan_carver@usd465.com>
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 09:32:16 EST

Workshop Five has proven to be the most interesting to me up to this point. I
found particular interest in two of the labs, the first being the Stoiciometry
of Cooking. In the past, I have not used any lab or demo to introduce stoich
but always wished I had one. I think this cake making lab is incredible! I
plan to try it here in just a couple of weeks.

The other activity was the Cherry Coke Distillation Lab. My students do a
normal distillation of a water/ink mixture. I think they would find this
activity so much more interesting. It will be neat to see if we can actually
smell two different odors in the grape soda. It will also give me a chance to
introduce esters, something we will study in detail later in the course.

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