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Reactions in Chemistry
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Sub Image2:Macro to Micro Structures
1) Atoms and Molecules2) Macro to Micro Structures 3) Energetics and Dynamics 4) Theory and Practice in Chemical Systems 5) Chemical Design 6) The Chemistry of Life 7) Chemistry and the Environment 8) Chemistry at the Interface

[Channel-talkchemistry] Reactions in chemistry workshop #3 1st post

From: Joe Lannan <jlannan@esu3.org>
Date: Mon Oct 25 2004 - 10:17:18 EDT

I think the pre video read of Constructivist view really set the tone for
this video. To focus on making personal connections with the various
chemistry concepts is very important for students learning abstract
chemistry concepts. Through students activities and teacher directed
demonstrations can be used to reinforce and make connections. I have
already talked about my atomic classroom and drawing the aluminum atom prior
to any atom theory discussion, an additional activity is role playing
nuclear decay. I have one student as a ³proton bullet² that runs into a
pair of students causing them to fly apart and they run into two more pairs
of students and so on until every nucleus has decayed. This lead to
discussion of decay and half life.
³ In order for an analogy to be effective, it must be familiar to the
student and it must be in the domain in which students do not have any
misconceptions.² Boy this is a mouth full. To make an analogy that is
effective without an over simplification is tough. Mr. DeGennaro activity
with light was an excellent example. Having students go from a grounded the
excited state. To emitted ³light² when falling to a lower state. To have
the students talk through the different colors released. The use of ultra
violet light in cleaning goggles all lead to a complete understanding by the
students. I will comment on the other activities later. Joe

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