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Reactions in Chemistry
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From: <susan_carver@usd465.com>
Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 14:24:15 EDT

In response to Joe's suggestions on activities illustrating the periodic table,
I thought I would mention something new that I tried this year. I wanted to
see how creative and insightful my students could be. I use the World Of
Chemistry video on the periodic table as an introduction to the unit. But,
before I showed the video, I grouped students and gave each group a sack with
30 pieces of various individually wrapped candies. Each group of students had
a different combo of candies so that no two groups would come up with the same
results. I asked the kids to
create their own "periodic table of candies" and be prepared to justify their
arrangement to the class in a presentation.

The results were pretty neat. No two groups thought of the same means for
dividing their candies. What I was really happy with was that some groups
created arrangements where transitions occurred from family to family and they
were able to share with the class their reasoning for doing this.

Granted, I'm sure it helped that we had spent some time in the previous unit on
"Matter" talking about the locations of various types of elements within the
table. So I think they had some idea of the method by which Mendeleev created
his arrangement.
But, I think this activity really helped. When we studied the table, I could
refer back to the activity and bring up some of the examples of their results
as analogies.

Susan Carver
Chemistry Instructor

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