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From: Rodger Baldwin (RBaldwin@cusd15.k12.il.us)
Date: Tue Aug 24 2004 - 17:08:28 EDT

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    I try to illustrate the safety concepts as I present them to the
    students, but too often, it seems like one unlikely safety rule after
    another. Does anyone do any demostrations of the safety rules?
    I use the "rocket exhaust" demo from the Tik Liem book to illustrate
    the "never look in or point a heated test tube" rule. I use a small
    squirt of water onto a paraffin fire to illustrate that there are
    different types of fires and that students should not try to extinguish
    one when they don't fully understand how to. I do the cow eye demo with
    an egg white and nitric acid. Are there any other demos worth showing
    students to make the safety litany seem more relevant?



    Rodger Baldwin
    Chemistry and Laboratory Sciences
    Clinton Community High School

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