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Reactions in Chemistry
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From: Tony Midey and Kristen VanderVeen-Midey (kaytone@gis.net)
Date: Wed Aug 18 2004 - 15:23:02 EDT

  • Next message: Laura Witham: "Re: [Channel-talkchemistry] first day"

    My friend Laura and I are doing the Reactions in Chemistry course this
    summer. We also thought the water softening lab could be a potential
    activity for the first lab of the year. I also like the glue ball lab for
    the first day, primarily because it could be done very quickly or become
    more extended, depending on the first day schedule (in my experience, the
    class periods end up really short because of extended homeroom).

    Another good activity for the first day is the CuCl2-aluminum foil
    reaction. I got this lab several years from a colleague. Students feel
    like they're really doing chemistry (because they are!); I like the
    students to jump right in. I've attached the handout that I use if anyone
    is interested.

    I'd love to find out what other hands-on activities teachers use the first
    day of class.

    Kristen Vanderveen

    Tony Midey and Kristen VanderVeen-Midey

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