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Reactions in Chemistry
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From: Cathy Danielson (cathydanielson@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 01:15:23 EDT

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    I attended a ChemCom workshop last summer where the following idea was shared:
    Use tennis balls in their container to represent a solid (vibrate them in place). Put the tennis balls in a Zip-Lock bag to represent a liquid (still in close contact, but moving more randomly). Throw the balls around the room to show how random and far apart gas molecules are.
    This is a very simple idea but really gets the idea across. In fact I have used this model to start a discussion about what exactly a model is. The kids also totally get a kick out of seeing tennis balls being thrown around the room!
    Cathy Danielson
    Marshfield High School
    Coos Bay, OR

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