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From: Cathy Danielson (cathydanielson@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 13:34:40 EDT

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    I have my students create their own periodic table using element cards, much like the teacher in the program did. I have found my students somewhat confused - just as his students were!
    I don't know if this is my own idea or if I borrowed it from someone else, but I have had much more success when using pieces of colored paper as an introduction to the element card activity. I give each group of 3-4 students a set of paper pieces (usually 6 colors with 5 sizes of each color - all in a Zip-Lock plastic bag). I instruct the students to arrange the paper pieces in a logical order.
    Most students arrange by both size (which can be compared to atomic number) and color (which can be compared to color). Many also arrange in a "rainbow order" which can also be related to the idea of periods running from most reactive metal to Noble Gases.
    The element card activity goes much better when students have some basic idea of organization already in their head. This activity also works well in my freshman Physical Science classes.

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