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Reactions in Chemistry
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Sub Image2:Macro to Micro Structures
1) Atoms and Molecules2) Macro to Micro Structures 3) Energetics and Dynamics 4) Theory and Practice in Chemical Systems 5) Chemical Design 6) The Chemistry of Life 7) Chemistry and the Environment 8) Chemistry at the Interface
From: tfalcone@comcast.net
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 08:35:13 EST

I had several thing come to mind watching the video:
1. Measurement - I think this is an important concept. I had a professor once who had us wager to guess his weight up to four signifcant figures for our semester grade. Of course, we learned not to take up that challenge. With my students I have learned that when we do a micro version of a percent composition lab, the measurement issue comes up because often my students switch scales and then get huge errors because witht eh small amounts of material we are using, the error is magnified. After that lab, they usually understand what the scale is all about.
2. The activity series lab
I combine my activity series and battery labs ( all micro scale) with an assessment where students are cast-away on a desert island and have to get enough power from nails and pennies etc. to get there imaginary cell phone to work. They learn to hook up their mini batteries in a voltaic pile and it;s quite amazing what charges they can come up with!


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