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Reactions in Chemistry
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Sub Image2:Macro to Micro Structures
1) Atoms and Molecules2) Macro to Micro Structures 3) Energetics and Dynamics 4) Theory and Practice in Chemical Systems 5) Chemical Design 6) The Chemistry of Life 7) Chemistry and the Environment 8) Chemistry at the Interface
From: Cindy Lee Duckert (duckert@focol.org)
Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 10:02:41 EST

Has anyone made much use of the 3D conical periodic table (I got mine from
Carolina Biological)? I found it easier to discuss orbitals and the
availability of electrons for bonding using it than with the standard table.

Martina: Are the rummy cards something you made or altered from the
chemical rummy cards? The indents are an especially attractive an idea

Cindy Lee Duckert, duckert@focol.org


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