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Photos and Fun

What YOU Look Like
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Photos and Fun: What WE Look Like

Find out what happens "behind the scenes"! Look for photos from each workshop throughout the week. What's going on at YOUR site? Send us photos of your site, and we'll share what YOU look like.

The Archives

Workshop #7

LEFT: Guest teachers Scott Schneider and Barbara Alcala prepare with Content Guide Mary Neuman prior to the first broadcast.

RIGHT:From left to right: Content Guide Jude Pelchat, Linda Schulenberg, Jen Stempel, and Paula Howard take a break from rehearsal.

Behind the Scenes

RIGHT: Meet audiobridge operator Tanya Paglia as she prepares to take your calls for the second broadcast.

Left:Associate Producer Chantal Fujiwara (left) and Producer Carol Jackson (right) in the control room of MCET.

Right:Lighting Technician Dennis Murphy and Director Tom Van Horn enjoy dinner after the first workshop.

Left:Master Control Technician Jerry Glendye monitors the broadcast from master control.

Meet Nicole Stark, Outreach Coordinator

Nicole Stark

Left: Nicole takes a break from her last minute Workshop preparations.


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