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Scott Schneider
space holder Scott is a 6th year science teacher at Fairdale High School in Fairdale, Kentucky. The school is in the Jefferson County school district, which includes the city of Louisville. Scott holds a BA from the University of Louisville in mathematics with minors in chemistry and Russian language, and he has studied pharmacology and toxicology at the graduate level. His MAT reflects a specialization in physical sciences.

Scott has participated in the AISR Math/Science Fellows program and served as a facilitator for two summers of the Integrated Curriculum Institute at Brown University. He is an active participant in local chemistry and technology alliance meetings which focus on classroom practice. Also, he is a member of two Critical Friends Groups, one composed of colleagues at Fairdale High School and the other composed of K-12 teachers and faculty in the College of Education at the University of Louisville.
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He is the coach of Fairdale's academic team and is the assistant track coach. Scott is married to a mathematics teacher, Erin Schneider.
Barbara Alcala
space holder Barbara is an eighth generation Californian with a BA in history (with a minor in math) and an MA in history, both from Holy Names College in Oakland. She is credentialed in math, history and science and has taught for the past 13 years at Whittier High School . Prior to this, she taught for 15 years in private schools in Oakland, Santa Monica and Alhambra.
Barbara is a member of the Institute for Education Reform's (Cal State University) Advisory Panel to the Study of the Advanced Placement Program in California and the Policy Committee for the Comprehensive Teacher Education Institute at Cal State University at Northridge. She is a Math/Science Fellow and a district Math and Technology mentor for the Whittier Union High School District. She has also participated in and presented at a variety of workshops and conferences including the NCTM Conference, Cooperative Learning workshops, and the Fall Forum of the Coalition of Essential Schools.
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