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Photos and Fun: What YOU Look Like

Thanks to the sites who have sent us photos! We'd love to share what your site looks like with all of the participants across the country. Send us your photos!

If you have a digital camera, you can send them to us via email at [email protected] Or send us photos via postal mail to: The Annenberg Channel, 60 Garden St. MS 82, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Saugus, MA | Hardin, MT | Kenosha, WI | Kingston, MA

Saugus, MA

Left: Teachers at Saugus High School gather to find out What's the Point. Right: Saugus teachers relax after a pointed discussion.

Hardin, MT

Left: Participants at the Hardin Middle School gave us a glimpse of their site in Hardin, MT, a large rural school district near Billings, MT, in a photo they sent via email.

Unified School District -- Kenosha, WI

Left: Participants from the Unified School District sent us a photo via email.

Sacred Heart High School -- Kingston, MA

Left: Sister Ida Mary Lutz calls in during Workshop #1

Right: Participants at Sacred Heart.


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