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Teacher-Talk: A Workshop Email Discussion

To provide a communication network, we have created Teacher-Talk. Teacher-Talk is an email-based discussion (a moderated listserv) for the Assessment Workshops. By signing-up, you will receive in your email all Workshop-related messages. You can also email your comments to this list, and your comments will be sent (upon the approval of the moderator) to all the other participants who have signed up.

Workshop-related announcements, news, reminders, and updates will be posted to this email list, in addition to all comments and discussions. We invite and encourage you to use this discussion forum as a means of continuing the conversations about assessment-related issues.

Sending Your Messages

Send your messages to Teacher-Talk@learner.org. Your message will go to all participants who have signed up for the list.

Subscribing to Teacher-Talk

To subscribe, send an email message to:

This message should contain ONLY the following:

subscribe teacher-talk <Your Name>

For example:

subscribe teacher-talk Amanda Ochoa

Unsubscribing to Teacher-Talk

To unsubscribe, send an email to:

This message should contain ONLY the following:

unsubscribe teacher-talk <Your Name>

For example:

unsubscribe teacher-talk Amanda Ochoa

Workshop Information

Print Materials
A complete set of print materials are available on-line for printing or downloading.

Web-based discussion
A Web-based forum for discussion is available for those without email access. The discussions on the Web are similar to the ones on the email discussion, Teacher-Talk.


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