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We recommend that you keep a journal throughout this workshop series. The journal will help you identify the ideas that are most important to you and will help you apply those ideas to your own teaching.

Consider using a double-entry journal:

On the left side of the paper, you will summarize an idea that you feel is important to you. Put no more than two ideas in the left column on each page.

On the right side of the paper, you will make notes for yourself about how you will use that idea in your teaching.

When you make an entry in the left column, you may make some notes in the right column at that time. And you also may come back to that page and add more notes as the series of workshops progresses. Because you have only put two good ideas on each page in the left column, you will have plenty of room to add notes.

Double-Entry Journal

Workshop #
and Date
Ideas from Workshop Ways I Might Make Use of These Ideas



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