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Ongoing Activities

Other enrichment activities can significantly boost your learning. Consider the recommended activities below and choose those that best meet your needs. Time permitting, you might share what you have learned with other participants.

  • Work with your colleagues to develop and implement strategies for achieving your shared vision of the arts in every classroom.
  • Teach the Quidam multi-arts unit of study that was the focus of Programs 1–4. You can download the complete lesson plans from The Arts in Every Classroom workshop Web site.

Develop your own multi-arts unit of study. Use the following criteria to assist you in your planning:

Criteria for Planning Multi-Arts Instruction
Does the instruction you have planned around a particular subject include:

    • enduring ideas/understandings?
    • measurable learning objectives?
    • correlation with national, state, and local standards?
    • clearly defined formative and summative assessment strategies?
    • appropriate use and introduction of arts vocabulary?
    • developmentally and sequentially appropriate knowledge, skills, and materials?

The following organizations are national voices for arts education in the United States. They have been involved with the development of the National Standards for Arts Education and the Model Standards for Licensing Classroom Teachers and Specialists in the Arts developed by the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium, a program of the Council of Chief State School Officers. To learn more, visit the Web sites of these organizations:

For more ideas and information, see the Resources section of this Web site.

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