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Homework Assignment
When you began your journey exploring the role of the arts in every classroom, you were asked to complete a survey and save a copy of your responses.

Return to the survey and answer the questions again. Compare your initial responses to your current understandings about the arts.

Reading Assignment

The following required readings will support your understanding of Program 8 for the for-credit workshop:

Read the Introduction to the National Standards for Arts Education to learn more about the benefits an arts education can provide.

Learn about how arts education has improved student learning and changed the culture of many schools. Look at these readings:

The following articles can add to your understanding of this material:

  • “Helping Students Ask the Right Questions” by Cynthia Richetti and James Sheerin, Educational Leadership, Volume 57, November 1999. Four strategies help students grapple with complex situations, make decisions, solve problems, and implement solutions. By learning question-based, problem-solving strategies, students become more effective thinkers and learners.
  • “Reconcilable Differences? Standards-Based Teaching and Differentiation” by Carol Ann Tomlinson, Educational Leadership, Volume 58, September 2000. Can addressing students’ individual needs help prepare them to meet high standards? Standards-based instruction and differentiated learning can be compatible approaches in today’s classrooms.

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