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Watching the Program
Ongoing Activities

Getting Ready
(10 minutes)

The following information will help you focus and organize your professional development session.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the effects of an increased arts presence on faculty and on students.
  • Consider ways to build on new experiences with the arts.

Guiding Questions
These are questions for your group to consider as you work through the session:

  • How do the arts affect the way students learn?
  • What roles do the arts play in your school’s curriculum?

Materials and Resources

Opening Steps
Facilitator: Engage participants in thinking about the role the arts can play in the classroom by discussing these questions:

  • How can arts education increase student learning and understanding?
  • How can the arts enable students to create knowledge for themselves?
  • How can teachers help students make learning their own process rather than the process of the teacher?
  • How does focusing attention on the artistic process (creating, performing, and responding) affect students’ understanding of the arts?

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