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Homework Assignment
Based on the lesson plans and handouts for Program 5, think about how you might apply the curriculum design process discussed in this program to a content standard, topic, or theme relevant to your classroom. Write some notes in your journal.

Be prepared to respond to the following question at the next workshop session:

  • Based on this journal exercise, what difficulties or advantages do you foresee in working with the curriculum design model discussed in this program?

Reading Assignment
The following required readings will support your understanding of Program 5 for the for-credit workshop:

  • "Teaching for Understanding," This article provides insights from research and educational practice about both the nature of understanding and how people learn for understanding.
  • Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe. Prentice Hall College Div; ISBN:013093058X (December 28, 2000). This book is about the design of curricula to engage students in exploration and to deepen their understanding of important ideas and the design of assessments to reveal the extent of their understandings.

The following required readings will support your understanding of program :

In addition, review the following articles:

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