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Getting Ready
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Watching the Program
(60 minutes)

While you watch, consider these focus questions:

Lesson 1: Outlining the Story

  • How is outlining a multi-arts performance piece similar to or different from outlining a literary piece?
  • How does understanding the journey structure facilitate the story-writing process?

Lesson 2: Developing Ideas

  • How does setting structural guidelines assist students in the creative process?
  • How can the characters and plot of one story inform the development of a new story or a story extension?

Lesson 3: Rehearsing and Refining

  • How do the outcomes of active rehearsal differ from those expected or experienced in classroom discussion?
  • What are the similarities and differences between a visual symbol used in a performance piece and a literary symbol used metaphorically in a written work?

Lesson 4: Performing and Reflecting

  • How do students’ reflections on a performance piece affect their understanding of the creative process?
  • How can you meaningfully facilitate reflection and refinement of student work?

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