Body Percussion
Using the body as a percussive instrument can be an alternative to traditional instruments when they are not available.

Creative Work
When students are asked to make creative decisions and collaborate on creative tasks, it is important for them to know what outcomes are expected before they begin their work. Use a rubric to clearly outline the assignment criteria. Be specific about time allowed for completion.

Restating Questions
When students have difficulty responding to initial questions, it is helpful to restate the question in another way. Try breaking down a complicated question into smaller parts.

Space and Sound
Students working in collaborative groups can be noisy, and limited space can contribute to behavior problems. If you are planning to use group or movement-based activities, you may wish to find an alternative space, such as a gymnasium or cafeteria, and to advise teachers in nearby classrooms what you will be doing.

Small groups of students may arrange themselves into still or “frozen” images from a story, creating living snapshots that focus attention on details. In Program 4, Learner Teams progress from tableaux to completed scenes.