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Getting Ready
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Extended Workshop

Watching the Program (60 minutes)

While you watch, consider these focus questions:

Lesson 1: Influences of the Past

  • What historical references might have influenced Quidam?
  • What role does history play in the ideas that artists have?

Lesson 2: The Power of Costume

  • What do costumes symbolize or represent in various works of art?
  • How is a costume a work of art?

Lesson 3: Magritte and Nikolais

  • How might biographical information about an artist inform our understanding of his or her works?
  • How could the work of one artist influence the work of other artists?

Lesson 4: Art Historian Role-Play

  • What is street performance? Is it art?
  • How does historical precedent affect our view of art today?
  • What criteria should be used to identify and define works of art?

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