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Homework Assignment
Look for opportunities to apply the ideas from this program in your own classroom. For example:

  • Ask your students to create costumes for familiar characters from history or literature that they currently are studying.
  • Engage students in discussion about artistic elements and historical facts that influenced their choices.

Classroom footage in this program models a team approach in which classroom teachers and arts specialists work together. You may wish to try this approach in your own classroom.

If you apply these ideas in your classroom, please be prepared to respond to the following question at the next workshop session:

  • How effective were your students in representing artistic and historical elements in their design choices?

If you are unable to explore these activities with your students at this time:

  • Think about how you could adapt this lesson for your classroom.
  • Prepare a lesson plan in your journal.

Reading Assignment

The following required readings will support your understanding of Program 3 for the for-credit workshop:

To prepare for Program 4, review this reading:

In addition, read the complete illustrated children's book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

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