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Getting Ready
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Extended Workshop

Watching the Program
(60 minutes)

While you watch, consider these focus questions:

Lesson 1: Researching Clues

  • Based on the written description of Parade, what kinds of images come to mind? Think in terms of dance, music, theatre, and visual art.
  • What are the advantages of group research, and how can students be prepared for success in this model?

Lesson 2: Musical Cues

  • What is “program music,” and how does the music in Quidam express mood?
  • How have key vocabulary words been integrated into this lesson?

Lesson 3: Vaudeville

  • What are the important elements in the vaudeville theatrical style, and where do you see influences of this style in Quidam?
  • How do the students mix elements of reality and fantasy to create their vaudeville performances?

Lesson 4: Critic School

  • What are the essential elements of criticism? How is criticism useful in understanding works of art?
  • How does this performance task serve to assess student understandings in dance, music, theatre, and visual art?

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