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Homework Assignment
If possible, introduce the purposes and process of criticism to your students and have them work in small groups to write a critique of a work of visual art, dance, music, or theatre with which you all are familiar. Discuss students' ideas together as a group.

Be prepared to respond to the following questions at the next workshop session:

  • What knowledge base was necessary for your students to succeed?
  • How did your students work together?
  • With what kinds of vocabulary did your students need the most help?

If you plan to use these ideas in your classroom, see the reading Setting Up Your Discovery Stations (PDF) for materials you may wish to include.

If you are unable to explore these activities with your students at this time, think about how you could adapt this lesson for your classroom. Prepare a lesson plan in your journal.

Reading Assignment

The following required readings will support your understanding of Program 2 for the for-credit workshop:

To prepare for Program 3, study the following additional readings:

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