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Taxonomy of Arts Education
Comprehensive Arts Education
Roles of Specialists and Teachers
Factors for Arts Education Success
Research on Arts Integration

Every child has a right to expect an education rich in knowledge of the arts, as have students in societies dating back to ancient civilizations. We know that arts education provides avenues to crucial modes of thinking and learning. It helps students on many levels with all academic subjects as well as developing an understanding and appreciation of dance, music, theatre, and visual art. It is through exploration of works of art and through inquiry into the making of the arts that understanding of human experiences are gained and cultural values are transmitted.

— Southeast Center for Education in the Arts, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Research clearly shows that integrating the arts in the instruction process enhances learning. As students explore the arts as subjects in themselves and relate them to other subjects in the curriculum, they draw on a fund of knowledge, cultural context, and sensory experience that is as ancient as human history, yet endlessly renewed.


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