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Who's Who
Arts Education Standards

Who's Who

Instructional Designers
Content for The Arts in Every Classroom: A Workshop for Elementary School Teachers was developed by the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts (SCEA), in collaboration with Lavine Production Group and KSA-Plus Communications.

SCEA Staff
Kim Wheetley,
director of the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts, holds the UTC Lyndhurst Chair of Excellence in Arts Education. He served on the writing committees for the National Standards for Arts Education and the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) Arts Education Standards for teachers.

Susanne Burgess is the music specialist at Solvang Elementary School in Solvang, California. She previously was director of music at the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts. She has worked with all age groups from newborn to college, teaching general and choral music in public and private schools, conservatories, and community organizations.

Scott Rosenow is the director of the Southeast Institute for Education in Theatre at the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts. He has taught and directed theatre at the elementary school, middle school, high school, and university levels.

Project Collaborators With SCEA
Kathy Blum is the headmaster at Cliff Valley School, a private elementary school in Atlanta, Georgia. She previously was director of theatre at the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts and has provided professional development for elementary and secondary school teachers throughout the country.

Kathy DeJean is the dance specialist at Lusher Alternative Elementary and Middle Schools in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has taught, danced, and choreographed in schools and professional dance companies in the United States and Europe.

Ann Rowson Love is the education director at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, Louisiana. She previously was director of visual art at the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts and is a museum educator.

Hazel Lucas is a curriculum coordinator at Browns Mill Elementary School in Lithonia, Georgia. She previously taught fifth-grade social studies there, and has given workshops in visual art education in the United States and China.

Workshop Leaders
Kathy Blum, Susanne Burgess, Kathy DeJean, and Hazel Lucas appear as on-camera workshop leaders for The Arts in Every Classroom: A Workshop for Elementary School Teachers.

Participating Schools
Learner Teams’ Schools

Classroom demonstrations were filmed at:

Browns Mill Elementary School, Lithonia, Georgia
Yvonne Butler, principal
Hazel Lucas, fifth-grade teacher

Lusher Alternative Elementary School, New Orleans, Louisiana
Kathy Hurstell Riedlinger, principal
Kathy DeJean, dance teacher
Carolyn DuBois, fourth-grade teacher
Marti Dumas, fifth-grade teacher
Kathy Guidry, kindergarten teacher
Megan Neelis, second-grade teacher
Amanda Newberry, theatre teacher

Wallace A. Smith Elementary School, Ooltewah, Tennessee
Lisa Miller, principal

Learner Teams in the Workshop Programs
From Drew Model School, Arlington, Virginia
Janice Adkisson
has been principal of Drew Model School since 1999. Previously she held positions as program development coordinator, supervisor of early childhood, and supervisor of staff development for Arlington Public Schools. Prior to joining the district staff, Adkisson was director of research and information for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and served as manager of the Computer Alliance for the National School Boards Association. She has taught elementary grades in Maine, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Maryland. Adkisson received her master’s degree from George Mason University and her doctorate from George Washington University.

Stephanie Ellison has taught fourth grade at Drew Model Elementary School since 2000. Her collaboration with a local Arlington theatre group and the school art and music staff has helped her make Virginia history especially exciting for her students. Prior to joining the school district, Ellison taught fifth and sixth grades in Moreno Valley, California, and Moses Lake, Washington. She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in reading from Central Washington University.

Walter McKenzie is Drew’s instructional technology coordinator and a veteran classroom teacher of 14 years. His professional interests include curriculum integration, multiple intelligences, and the arts. His book, Multiple Intelligences and Instructional Technology: A Manual for the Mind, was published by the International Society for Technology in Education in May 2002.

Angela Snead has taught kindergarten and preschool at Drew Model School since 1999. Since the start of her career, she has collaborated with colleagues to integrate the arts into her teaching. Snead holds a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and a master’s degree in education from Marymount University.

Connie Usova has worked as a visual art teacher at Drew Model School since 1990. She received her undergraduate degree from Carlow College and, in addition to graduate coursework at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, earned a master’s degree in education at George Mason University. She brought to Drew 15 years of experience in arts education, including work at a highly diverse, inner-city school outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; a private school in Charleston, South Carolina; and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

From Kingsbury Elementary School, Memphis, Tennessee
Brett Lawson, principal of Kingsbury Elementary and a native of Jonesboro, Arkansas, received his bachelor’s degree in music education from Arkansas State University and his master’s degree in leadership from the University of Memphis. He has taught music at Crawfordsville and Marion schools in Arkansas and at Munford High School and Cherokee Elementary School in Tennessee. Lawson became assistant principal at Kingsbury Elementary in 1998 and principal in 2001.

Lokita Glover has been a third-grade teacher in the Memphis City Schools since 1996. She earned her bachelor’s degree in education at the University of Memphis.

Thomas Raphael is an Orff music specialist teacher at Kingsbury Elementary. He received his bachelor’s degree in music education from Syracuse University in 1998. Raphael served as band director in the St. Charles Parish Public School System in New Orleans, Louisiana, before becoming an Orff music teacher and band director at Kingsbury Elementary.

Angela Tillery has been a kindergarten teacher in Memphis city Schools since 1998. She earned her bachelor’s degree in science from LeMoyne Owen College in Memphis. She currently teaches kindergarten at Kingsbury Elementary.

From Ridgeway Elementary School, White Plains, New York
Sandi Cangialosi
has been principal of Ridgeway School since 1999. Prior to coming to White Plains she worked as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal in the New York City Schools. As a teacher, Cangialosi was trained by the Metropolitan Opera in its Writing Original Opera With Children series. As an administrator, she founded the Professional Performing Arts School, a public middle/high school for students who demonstrate a serious desire to study for a career in the arts.

Monica Bermiss has taught third grade in the White Plains Public Schools since 2000. Previously, she was an elementary school teacher in Harlem, New York, for five years. In addition to academic programs, she has a long history of working with youths, ages six to 19, at a camp in Huguenot, New York.

MaryFrances Perkins is a visual art teacher in the White Plains Public Schools. She has more than 30 years of experience working with both regular and special-needs children of all ages. She has held teaching positions at the Hudson River Museum and with the Board of Cooperative Educational Services. Perkins has worked on summer art projects with the City of White Plains as well as the Youth Bureau. She earned her bachelor’s degree in art education from Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida, and master’s degree in art therapy from the College of New Rochelle in New Rochelle, New York.

Joan Roberts, a second-grade teacher at Ridgeway, has been teaching since the mid-1980s. She has taught in Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, and Ohio. Roberts has a bachelor’s degree in science from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. She served as a building substitute at Ridgeway for more than a year before becoming a full-time teacher there.

Advisors to the Project
Arnold Aprill is the executive director of the Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education, a network of 30 Chicago public schools, 45 professional arts organizations, and 11 community organizations dedicated to co-planning whole-school improvement through the arts.

Deborah Brzoska is the director of arts education for the Vancouver School District in Vancouver, Washington, which has been recognized by the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities as one of nine districts in the nation with exemplary K-12 arts education.

David Diaz Guerrero has been a documentary photographer for more than 30 years. He has been a recipient of a Colorado Humanities and Arts grant, an NEA Collaborative Project grant, and a Colorado Council on the Arts Visual Artist fellowship. He has taught as a visiting artist in several schools in Colorado.

Joseph Juliano Jr. is the director of fine arts for the Hamden Public Schools in Hamden, Connecticut, where he supervises programs in all the arts for grades K-12. In addition, he is president of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education, an association of artists and educators serving young people. He also is on the steering committee of the Arts Education Partnership and is chair of the Interdisciplinary Committee of the Consortium of National Arts Education Associations.

Donald J. Killeen is national program manager of the National Arts Education Consortium, Department of Art Education, Ohio State University. He has more than 20 years experience teaching and administering in higher education settings both in the United States and internationally. From 1997 to 2002, he directed the Transforming Education Through the Arts Challenge, a five-year national education reform initiative designed to link comprehensive arts education with national and local efforts to reform our nation’s schools.

Sally Nogg, a first-grade teacher at John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Brewster, New York, is an early childhood specialist who has been a classroom teacher for more than 25 years. She began teaching at the secondary level but after six years moved to primary grades. Her teaching experience ranges from living and teaching on Indian reservations in Arizona and New Mexico to working in an inner-city school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She specializes in diverse populations and developmentally appropriate practices.

Martha Rodriguez-Torres is the principal of P.S. 156, The Waverly School of the Arts, in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York. When she started at Waverly, it was a relatively low-performing school with only 17 percent of the children reading at or above grade level. She made the school into an arts magnet school and improved student performance outcomes.

Vicki Rosenberg is vice president and chief operating officer of the Council of Michigan Foundations. Before taking this position, she was senior program officer with the Getty Grant Program, a subsidiary of the J. Paul Getty Trust, where she managed national programs designed to improve the quality and status of arts education in American public schools.

Wayne Walters is principal of the Frick International Studies Academy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Previously he was assistant principal at Northview Heights Elementary School, where he fostered a music program for inner-city children. He also was an elementary and vocal music teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, also in Pittsburgh.

Stella Yu is associate director of the Mayor’s Office of Art, Culture, and Film in Denver, Colorado. She has a background in fine arts, arts education, and business and is an accomplished visual artist who spent many years as a visual art specialist teacher.

Video Production and Project Management
Lavine Production Group, based in New York City, New York, produces documentary films and television programs on a variety of topics. It specializes in education and the arts.

Kaye Lavine, project director and series producer

Miriam Lewin, producer

Susan Perlman, associate producer

Gary Bradley, supervising editor

Laura Young, editor

Theresa Liberatore, segment producer

Claudia Mogel, segment producer

Reynelda Muse, workshop host

Jeff Williams, additional editing

David Hogoboom, field camera

Peter Pearce, additional field camera

Carl Anderson, series animation

David Sherman, series theme music

James Krieger, post production sound

Carol Stein, post production supervisor

Print Materials and Web Development
KSA-Plus Communications, based in Arlington, Virginia, helps educators, public interest organizations, and businesses communicate more effectively with their many publics. The company provides a range of services including strategic communications planning, communications training, and Web and print materials development.

Adam Kernan-Schloss, project team leader

Bonnie Jacob, project manager

Geoff Camphire, production manager, Web and print

Susan Gillespie, production manager, Web and print

Steve Kramer, production editor, Web and print

Sarah Hope Zogby, production editor, Web and print

Mina Habibi, Web and graphic design

Maria Nicklin, series logo, Web and graphic design

Michael Smith, financial officer

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