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Student Work:

Factoring Assignment

Waiting-Time Distributions Culminating Activity
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Factoring Assignment

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Teacher Commentary:

First of all, I am impressed with the student's neatness and organization. The notes are easy to follow. There is evidence that the student understands what it means to factor a number and to factor an expression. He/she appears to understand how to apply the distributive property. The student might not fully understand what is meant by an expression being prime. It is unclear that this student understood the last problem where he/she had to decide on the values for C to make the trinomial factorable. I would have preferred some written explanation such as, "we are looking for two numbers whose product is 8 and whose sum is 6." Perhaps next time I will ask the students to summarize their findings in words and write them down on paper. I would make one change to this handout (remember I call it a "gift"): on #16, I would stipulate that C can be greater than or equal to zero.

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