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Insights Into Algebra 1 - Teaching For Learning
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Workshop 2 Linear Functions and Inequalities Student Work
Student Work:

The Phone Bill Problem

The Hot Dog Problem
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The Phone Bill Problem

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Teacher Commentary:

Matthew took good notes. He had a difficult time with the spelling of the word "intercept," spelling it three different ways in a matter of minutes. He also didn't realize at first that m is for slope and b is for the y-intercept.

It was not always clear to me how he decided upon the answers to some of the questions we asked. He would just write "graph" or "table".

I do see evidence that he understands what he is doing. I also see some unsure areas. I appreciated Matt's comments at the end of the assignment and how he referred to this problem as a "day-to-day" problem.

I would not change this [assignment]. I have been using it for several years and it has served my students well at all levels of mathematical maturity. I just need to adapt the class to the [assignment].

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