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Insights Into Algebra 1 - Teaching For Learning
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About This Workshop
About This Workshop:


Production Credits

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Graduate Credit and Materials

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Graduate Credit and Materials

Graduate Credit
Getting the Materials
Using the Materials

Graduate Credit

Graduate credit is available at a reasonable cost.

Getting the Materials

You may watch thiw workshop via Video on Demand, or purchase videocassettes/DVDs and the print guide from our online catalog. The workshop guide is available for download as a PDF on this Web site.

If you are participating in a group session, your facilitator will give you a copy of the print guide or request that you print the PDF for yourself from this Web site. Your facilitator will give you any instructions concerning meeting time and place, what you should bring to sessions, and work you should do outside the group sessions.

Using the Materials

The print guide and Web site provide background, activities, discussion questions, homework assignments, and resources to supplement the workshop session programs and provide a robust professional development experience. They also provide information for facilitators to plan and structure group sessions.

Workshop sessions generally are held weekly for at least two hours. The workshop guide describes pre- and post-viewing activities and discussion to fill out the remainder of the session. The guide also provides homework to expand on what you have learned and prepare you for the next session.

If you are leading a group session, please review the Facilitator Information and the Workshop Guide for more information on planning and facilitating this workshop.

Use Teacher-Talk, the workshop's email discussion list, to continue exploration of ideas outside the workshop session.

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