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Teacher's Lab

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Meeting the National Science Education
Professional Development Standards

The Teachers' Lab provides opportunities for meeting the following strands of the National Science Education Professional Development Standards on pages 62 and 63.

Professional Development Standard B:

...Learning experiences for teachers of science must ... use inquiry, reflection, interpretation of research, modeling, and guided practice to build understanding and skill in science teaching.

Knowledge of Science Teaching Standard B:

Effective teaching requires that teachers know what students of certain ages are likely to know and understand, be able to do, what they will learn quickly and what will be a struggle. Teachers of science need to anticipate typical misunderstandings and to judge the appropriateness of concepts for the developmental level of their students....

In the daily operation of their classrooms, skilled teachers of science are diagnosticians who understand students' ideas, beliefs, and reasoning.

For more information visit The National Academy Press National Science Education pages.

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