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Spreading Ridge Volcanoes

Run Time: 00:02:54

As two oceanic plates pull away from one another, magma moves to the surface, creating a continuous mountain range of deep-sea volcanoes known as a mid-ocean ridge. Volcanologist Dave Sherrod of the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, USGS, and Geoscientist Chuck Blay of Teok Investigations, describe how new oceanic crust is formed at these divergent plate margins. Across the ocean, the oceanic plate collides against a continental plate and is driven down into the mantle, forming a subduction zone. Featured Scientists: Chuck Blay, Ph.D., Keith Klepeis, Ph.D., Andy Kurtz, Ph.D., Michael Manga, Ph.D., and David Sherrod, Ph.D.


NSES Standard

Grades 5-8 Standard D. Crustal plates constantly move in response to the movements of the mantle.


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