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Connect with English

About Connect with English

Connect with English is a story to help you learn English. This soap opera tells the story of Rebecca Casey, a young woman who lives in Boston. She works in a factory and takes care of her father and brother. Rebecca has big dreams. She wants to go to college to study music. Will Rebecca's dream come true?

About the Website

This website features the entire Connect with English series, practice activities that complement the series, and recommended resources. Watch Connect with English, and complete the practice activities to help you understand the story. Go to Resources to find other websites that will help you study and improve your English.

About the Series

Connect with English was funded by Annenberg Media and produced by WGBH Boston. It premiered in 1998 and aired on PBS stations and The Annenberg Channel.

There are 48 episodes of Connect with English, divided into 4 sections. They are:

Section 1: Big Dreams (Episodes 1-12)
Rebecca Casey has a dream. To make her dream come true, Rebecca has to leave her family, her friends, her job—everything she has ever known—and start over again, in a new world.

Section 2: A New Life (Episodes 13-24)
Rebecca starts her new life in San Francisco. She goes to classes at music school and gets a part-time job. Rebecca also meets new people, and makes new friends.

Section 3: Family Bonds (Episodes 25-36)
Rebecca returns to Boston to deal with a family emergency. Rebecca and her brother, Kevin, work together to make important decisions about their future.

Section 4: Friendship & Love (Episodes 37-48)
Rebecca returns to San Francisco, where she has to work hard and make difficult choices about school, work, and her personal life.


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