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Teaching The Children of Willesden Lane
Resources to help you teach the book in middle schools and high schools

Meeting Mona Golabek

"Hold on to your music. It will be your best friend."

These simple words have inspired Mona Golabek’s life and work. This video profile lets teachers and students meet the author, understand what inspired her to write about her mother’s experience, and see how she is carrying on her mother’s legacy.

Click at right to play the entire video, or select individual segments.

Questions to Discuss With Students

  • For Part 1
    Mona, like her mother, Lisa, dreamed of growing up to become a concert pianist. What characteristics must a person have in order to realize his or her dreams? Which ones does Mona seem to have? Which ones do you have?
  • For Part 2
    What do you think you would experience if you went to a concert where Mona played the piano? What kinds of things do you do that might provide memorable experiences for other people?
  • For Part 3
    Mona wants to convey the stories and feelings behind the music she loves. How is your appreciation of a piece of music changed by knowing how and why it was written?
  • For Part 4
    A legacy is something that is handed down or remains from a previous generation. What legacies are Mona and her sister Renée passing down to Renée’s children? To readers of Mona’s book? In your family, what legacies have been passed down from previous generations?

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