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Teaching The Children of Willesden Lane
Resources to help you teach the book in middle schools and high schools

Chapters 20–26

Mona’s Related Performance
Part 6: Lisa’s Dream Fulfilled

In the final part of her performance, Mona describes how the children of Willesden Lane search desperately for news of their families after the war ends. Lisa’s sister Rosie has survived, giving Lisa the inspiration she needs to make her debut.

Note: In this part of the performance, Mona refers to events from Chapters 21 through 26 of the book.

Questions to Discuss with Students

  • “Make something of yourself.” Mona describes how these words meant a lot to Lisa. What do they mean to you?
  • How, in this performance, does Mona honor and extend the legacies of her mother and her grandmother? 

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Aerial view of Mona at the piano

Music Mona Plays in Part 6

Prelude in C-sharp Minor
by Sergei Rachmaninoff

Etude in D-sharp Minor
by Alexander Scriabin


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