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Europe - European Integration? European Union Membership Activity

Role-play representatives from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine, apply for entry to the EU and make a presentation to the EU Council of Ministers.

Civics: Freedom of Religion

Simulate a U.S. Supreme Court hearing on a First amendment case about a Texas school district delivering prayers over the intercom.

Global Forces / Local Impact - Philadelphia's Schuylkill River

On a class field trip to historic Bartram’s Garden, pupils learn how the local watershed area of the Schuylkill River has changed over time.

Global Forces / Local Impact - What is Quality of Life? An Indonesian Case Study

Make global comparisons of quality of life indicators with those of Indonesia.

Great Expectations

Allow students to become active learners and even teachers as they read and understand Great Expectations.

Hassan's Pictures - Linear Programming and Profit Lines

Find the feasible region in a linear programming problem, graph a family of profit lines and find the optimum point.

Hot Dog Sales - Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities

Provides an introduction to solving equations and inequalities numerically (using a table), graphically, and algebraically.

Inquiry: Esmeralda Santiago

Use an inquiry approach to explore the novel and engage students in a dramatic reading of several sections of the chapter "The American Invasion of Macún."

Inquiry: James Baldwin

Research topics related to three works by James Baldwin and collaborate to produce group web sites.

Inquiry: Rudolfo Anaya

See a mural that depicts struggles of Mexican Americans and stimulate questioning, discussion, and research about Anaya's work.

Inquiry: Tomás Rivera

Students question the translator of ...y no se lo tragó la tierra... (And the Earth Did Not Devour Him) by Tomás Rivera, conduct Internet research, and interview Mexican immigrants who work in their school.

Interpreting La Belle et la Bete

Understand different tenses, particularly the past tense, while discussing Beauty and the Beast in French.

Latin America - Volcanoes, Trenches, and Plate Boundaries

Study the locations of trenches and volcanoes and learn the relationship between them. Discuss the pros and cons of living near a volcano.

Left Hand, Right Hand - Solving Systems of Equations

Compare the speed at which you write with your left hand to the speed at which you write with your right hand In order to understand the three different types of possible solutions to a system of two equations with two unknowns.

A Lesson Before Dying

Invite an author to read their work and answer students’ questions. Also invite community members to discuss experiences similar to those in the novel.

Mathematical Modeling, Circular Movement and Transmission Ratios

Examine the difference in the number of revolutions for each of two gears in a model, in order to undertand the significance of the radii of the gears.

Miles of Tiles - The Pool Border Problem

Algebraic notation and variables are used to recognize patterns and represent situations.

Milton Brasher-Cunningham, Frankenstein

Take students on a field trip to a laboratory or bring in a guest speaker. Construct a creature/robot/monster/automaton/machine.

North America - Analyzing Philadelphia's Historical Maps

On a field trip to see historic maps, analyze how resources influence settlement patterns, and how land- and cityscapes change due to urbanization.

North America - Enterprise Communities in Denver

Use data and models to define the location of economically distressed neighborhoods located in Denver.

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