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All lessons are appropriate for K-12 teachers of any foreign language.
lesson title   instructor   language
Communicating About Sports Jie Gao Chinese   6  
Exploring New Directions Haiyan Fu Chinese     9-12
A Cajun Folktale and Zydeco Paris Granville French   8  
Chicken Pox Jai Scott French K    
Comparing Communities Ghislaine Tulou French     9-12
Family and Home Debra Terry French 5    
Interpreting La Belle et la Bête Michel Pasquier French     11
Mapping Planet Earth Stephanie Appel French 2    
Performing With Confidence Yvette Heno French     10-12
Touring a French City Robin Neuman French   8  
Holidays and Seasons Margita Haberlen German 3    
Sports in Action Denise Tanner German     9-11
Sports Stats Amy Garcia German 5    
U.S. and Italian Homes Marylee DiGennaro Italian     9
Daily Routines Margaret Dyer Japanese 5    
Happy New Year! Leslie Birkland Japanese     9-11
Promoting Attractions of Japan Yo Azama Japanese     10-12
Music and Manuscripts Lauri Dabbieri Latin     10-12
Russian Cities, Russian Stories Jane Shuffelton Russian     9-12
Creating Travel Advice Fran Pettigrew Spanish     11
Food Facts and Stories John Pedini Spanish   8  
Fruits of the Americas Carina Rodriguez Spanish 4    
Hearing Authentic Voices Davita Alston Spanish   8  
Interpreting Literature Barbara Pope Bennett Spanish     11
Interpreting Picasso's Guernica Meghan Zingle Spanish     10
Politics of Art Lori Langer de Ramirez Spanish     12
Routes to Culture Pablo Muirhead Spanish     9-10
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