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Spanish: Routes to Culture

Lesson Materials

Mini-Stories (PDF, 19 K)
The Onama stories and new vocabulary, including descriptions of Mr. Muirhead's TPRS gestures (Includes English translation)

Mini-Story Worksheet (PDF, 38 K)
A worksheet that students did for homework based on the first Onama story. Note: The vocabulary section was filled in during Mr. Muirhead's TPRS presentation in class.

Curriculum References

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards

Pablo Muirhead's Recommendations

Web Resources:

The African Diaspora
Information about the African Diaspora to Latin America

Batanga: Latin Music Internet Radio
Information about popular Latin musicians and a selection of Latin music genres that can be streamed online (Available in English and Spanish)

Cajón Drum
A brief history of the cajón and information on how to purchase one

National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center
An organization that works to improve student learning of foreign languages

TPRS Publishing
An introduction to TPRS that includes free sample lessons

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