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Teaching Foreign Languages K–12

A Library of Classroom Practices

General Resources

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Web Resources

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
The national organization's Web site, dedicated to the improvement and expansion of foreign language teaching and learning in all languages and at all levels

E.L. Easton Languages Online
Features links to language exercises, cultural resources, and other language sites

Foreign Language Teaching Forum
Features a collection of Web resources for foreign language teachers

World Languages Lesson Plans
Features lesson plans created for foreign language classes

The Internet Picture Dictionary
An online, multilingual picture dictionary designed for language learners of all ages

Language Exchange Community
An online community that creates opportunities for language exchange among language learners across 95 different languages

Language Resources Directory
Offers links to resources for teaching and learning foreign languages, such as study abroad programs, reference materials, and Web forums

Nebraska Foreign Language Education
Presents the Nebraska Frameworks document, which includes good examples of thematic units

Online University
Directory of language learning resources for French, German, Italian and Spanish

State and Local Foreign Language Standards
Provides links to many state and local foreign language curriculum frameworks

Your Dictionary
A portal for language and language-related products and services on the Web, including dictionaries, translators, courses, and more

Print Resources

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century. National Standards in Foreign Language Education Collaborative Project. Yonkers, New York: American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, 1999. (To purchase the Standards document, go to www.actfl.org and select "National Standards" from the "ACTFL Quick Find" pull-down menu or call 1-800-627-0629.)

Brown, H. Douglas. Teaching by Principles: An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson ESL, 2000.

Hadley, Alice Omaggio. Teaching Language in Context. 3rd ed. Boston: Heinle & Heinle, 2001.

Lee, James F., and Bill VanPatten. Making Communicative Language Teaching Happen. New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 1995.

Shrum, Judith L., and Eileen W. Glisan. Teacher's Handbook Revised: Contextualized Language Instruction. 2nd ed. Boston: Thomson/Heinle, 2000.

Arabic Resources

A source for Arabic language and Arab culture teaching materials, opportunities, news, and events relevant to both teachers and students

Chinese Resources

Features K–12 resources on the study of Asian societies

Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools
A professional organization Web site that includes resource links and K–12 Standards for Chinese Language Learning

French Resources

Bonjour de France
An interactive online magazine for French language teachers

A French site that provides information and additional links related to French culture

German Resources

American Association of Teachers of German
Resources for teaching German, plus an extensive list of links

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: German Subject Catalog
A list of German language links organized by topic

Italian Resources

Ciao Club
A list of links for students and teachers of Italian language and culture

Web Sites of Italian Interest
Provides links to sites of interest for students and teachers of Italian history and culture

Japanese Resources

The Association of Teachers of Japanese
Provides information about Japanese language, literature, and linguistics study, and includes a list of resources for students and educators

Keiko Schneider's Bookmarks
Features an exhaustive list of resources, including links to online learning tools, Japanese newspapers and media, cultural information, and more

Latin Resources

A Web site for teachers of Latin that includes articles, discussion groups, online resources, and more

Web Resources for High School Latin Teachers
A list of resources for teaching Latin, Roman and Greek Culture and History, and more

Russian Resources

Language Resources
A list of resources for teachers of Slavic and East European languages

A vast collection of Russian language resources, including thematic learning modules

Spanish Resources

Learn Spanish
Resources and Web links for learning Spanish

General Resources

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