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Sports Stats

Video Summary
In this lesson, students talk about their sports likes and dislikes. They begin by reading their personal journal entries to review the previous day's vocabulary. Then students share their sports preferences in groups and put the information on a class graph. Next, they interpret an article about the sports interests of young Germans; they scan the article for familiar words and then listen as Ms. Garcia reads the text. Finally, students work in groups to describe the contents of a sports photograph.

Standards Addressed


Interpersonal, Interpretive, Presentational


Making Connections, Acquiring Information


School and Community

Key Terms
Foreign Language Exploratory Program (FLEX)
Foreign Language in the Elementary School (FLES)

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images from Garcia German class

Classroom at a Glance
Teacher: Amy Garcia
Language: German
Grade: 5
School: Brockett Elementary School, Tucker, Georgia
Lesson Date: March 26
Class Size: 16
Schedule: 30 minutes, four days per week

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