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Teaching Foreign Languages K–12

A Library of Classroom Practices

French: Comparing Communities

Lesson Materials

Bojanowski, Nathalie-Anne. Si j'étais un animal. Les editions du Raton Laveur. Quebec, Canada: Saint-Hubert, 1997.

Le Conditionnel - Oral Exercise (PDF, 16 K)
A worksheet featuring questions that students answered to practice the conditional tense and to compare their preferences with classmates (Includes English translation)

Curriculum References

Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) and Testing for Foreign Language

Fairfax County Program of Study

Ghislaine Tulou's Additional Resources

Web Resources:

City of Helsinki, Finland
Discusses the quality of life and other cultural aspects of Helsinki, Finland (Available in English, Finnish, French, German, Russian, and Swedish)

Lyon and Its Region
A Chamber of Commerce site that discusses the quality of life in Lyon, France, and offers a list of organizations that will help foreigners adapt to the city and make contacts with locals (Available in English, French, and Japanese)

University of Texas French Grammar Guide
Grammar lessons followed by interactive exercises (some with sound files), a French dictionary, and quick reference sheets

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