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Teaching Foreign Languages K–12

A Library of Classroom Practices

Production Credits

Web Site Production

Teaching Foreign Languages K–12: A Library of Classroom Practices is a production of WGBH Interactive and WGBH Educational Productions for Annenberg Media.

Copyright 2003 WGBH Educational Foundation. All rights reserved.

Director, Educational Productions
Denise Blumenthal

Executive Producer
Ted Sicker

Curriculum Developer
Anna Brooks

Content Developer
June K. Phillips

Marjorie Hall Haley
Kathleen M. Riordan
Jane Shuffelton

Jay Harlow
Lisa Rosenthal
Christian Wise

Michael McCrary

With the assistance of
Mary Susan Blout
Rebecca Evans
Jill Farinelli
Kate Pullano
Regina Sloutsky
Arthur Smith

Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century reprinted courtesy of the National Standards in Foreign Language Education Project, a program of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Copyright 1999. All rights reserved.

Video Library Production

Teaching Foreign Languages K–12: A Library of Classroom Practices is produced by WGBH Educational Programming and Outreach for Annenberg Media.

Copyright 2003 WGBH Educational Foundation. All rights reserved.

Core Advisors
Martha G. Abbott, Director of High School Instruction and K–12 Curriculum Services
Fairfax County, Virginia Public Schools

June K. Phillips, Dean of Arts and Humanities
Weber State University

Kathleen M. Riordan, Director of Foreign Languages
Springfield, Massachusetts, Public Schools

Adam J. Stryker, Professional Development Specialist
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

General Advisors
Ruta Couet, Foreign Language Specialist
South Carolina Department of Education

Marjorie Hall Haley, Associate Professor of Graduate Education
George Mason University

Janis Jensen, World Languages Coordinator
New Jersey Department of Education

Yu-Lan Lin, Senior Program Director of World Languages
Boston Public Schools

Paul Sandrock, World Languages Education Consultant
Wisconsin Department of Instruction

Duarte M. Silva, Executive Director
California Foreign Language Project

Collaborating Partner
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

John Browne
Philip Gay
Anthony Manupelli

Associate Producers
Sara Ferguson
Jayne Sportelli

Vanessa Boris
Dickran H. Manoogian
Chuck Scott

Production Manager
Mary Ellen Gardiner

Post Production Associate Producer
Peter Villa

Production Coordinator
Mary Susan Blout

Production Assistants
Michael Kilmurray
Jill Unger

Bill Charette
Lance A. Douglas
T. Robin Hirsh
Stephen McCarthy
Larry LeCain
David Rabinovitz
David Brayfield

Chris Bresnahan
Charlie Collias
James Lindsey
Gilles Morin
Charles Dixson
Scott Kinzey
Brendan Davis
Steve Bores
Anne Evans
Anthony Flores
Mary Kaigler-Schaffer
Joe McCartan
Charles Tomaras

Studio Crew
WGBH Productions

Online Editors
Mark Geffen
Glenn Hunsberger
John Sherrer

Sound Mix
John Jenkins
Dan Lesiw

Graphic Design
Gaye Korbet
Bruce Walker

Additional Graphics
The Japan Forum Photo Data Bank

The Japan Foundation
Minna no Kyozai Site
Photo Panel Bank Series
Series IV, No. 002 (© by the Japan Foundation)
Series IV, No. 004 (© by the Japan Foundation)
Series IV, No. 005 (© by the Japan Foundation)
Series IV, No. 006 (© by the Japan Foundation)
Series IV, No. 100 (© by the Japan Foundation)

David Grimes

Additional Music

"A Nos Actes Manqués" a/c: Jean-Jacques Goldman, pub: JRG Editions Musicales, Music Video: dir: Bernard Schmitt, SONY Music Entertainment (France). Words and music from the album Fredericks Goldman Jones (1991).

"Zydeco Sont Pas Sale" from ARHOOLIE CD 301 - Clifton Chenier (www.ARHOOLIE.com) and composed by Clifton Chenier © Tradition Music Co. (BMI) adm. by BUG Music Co.

"Zydeco Boogaloo" - Buckwheat Zydeco, Courtesy of Rounder Records. www.rounder.com

"La varicelle," L'Album de Marie-Soleil. Performed by Suzanne Pinel. 50 mins. Produced by Les éditions Clown Samuel, Inc., 1993. Videocassette. www.clownsamuel.com

John Kosian

Jessica Abreu
Maiyim Baron
Renee Beaudot
Beth Curran
Jenny Fourman
Christiane Galvani
Marcia Guedes
Martin Hoffman
Analucia Hutcheson
Lydia Kim
George F. Leslie, Jr.
Amelia Moser
The Multi-Lingual Group
Jack C. Nowicki
Maria Perez
Danielle Pung
Ramon Ramirez
Thibaut Schilt
Frederik L. Schodt
Marina Vesty
Loraine Wang
Bing Zhao

Ilse Andrews
Wanda Boeke
Fritz Chang
Jane Kontrimas
Jane C. Lamb-Ruiz
Ughetta Lubin
Constance Marina, Ph.D.
Amy L. Miller
Stefanie Ramsden

Additional footage courtesy of
© Werner Forman/CORBIS
© Archivo Iconografico, S.A./CORBIS
© Gianni Dagli Orti/CORBIS
© Arte & Immagini srl/CORBIS
© Araldo de Luca/CORBIS
© Historical Picture Archive/CORBIS
© Geoffrey Clements/CORBIS
© Christie's Images/CORBIS

Office Coordinator
Justin Brown

Business Manager
Maria Constantinides

Executive Producer
Amy Tonkonogy


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