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Assessment Strategies
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Assessment Strategies

People still think that assessment is what you do after teaching and learning are over as opposed to thinking of assessment as giving feedback to help you to achieve your goal.

- Grant Wiggins, Educational Consultant

This video introduces assessment strategies aligned with the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, state and district standards, and curriculum and instructional practices. Three case studies with comments from teachers, students, and experts in the field illustrate how several teachers are assessing their students' foreign language skills.

The first case study examines an Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) in a French IV class in Springfield, Massachusetts. In the second case study, Spanish IV and French IV students in Nanuet, New York, present a performance task. Finally, in Pleasant Hill, California, a teacher uses backward design to plan a lesson and assessment for eighth-grade French students.

Use "Assessment Strategies"
  • to learn about or refresh your understanding of different assessment strategies,
  • as the focus of a professional development workshop, or
  • to launch a discussion about assessing foreign language instruction.
Key Terms
formal assessment
informal assessment
negotiation of meaning
performance assessment
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