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Teaching Foreign Languages K–12

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Arabic: How We Spend Our Free Time

Lesson Materials

اضغط هنا للترجمة باللغة العربية

Lesson Agenda (PDF)
Slides that Ms. Quackenbush presented and reviewed with students at the beginning of the class

Do Now Graph: What Saudi Arabians Do in Their Free Time (PDF)
A bar graph with questions for student data interpretation

Free-Time Poll: Instructions and Interview Chart (PDF)
Instructions for interviewing classmates about their free-time activity preferences, and a chart for recording data

Free-Time Poll: Bar Graph Handout and Samples (PDF)
A blank graph with instructions for plotting interview data, and samples of student work

Infographic Miniproject: Assignment and Samples (PDF)
Instructions for completing the infographic miniproject assignment, and samples of student work

Curriculum References

Massachusetts Foreign Language Curriculum Framework (Aug. 1999)

Katie Quackenbush's Additional Resources

Web Resources:

Al Jazeera: Learning Arabic
A source for simplified news articles. Each news article is accompanied by vocabulary words and different forms of assessment.

This Middle East Policy Council website is useful for learning about the culture and history of various Arab countries. It's also an excellent resource for research projects.

Arabic Signs of Foreign Words
This site presents a collection of photographs of foreign signs in the Arab World transliterated into Arabic.

This YouTube channel contains a collection of songs and other videos geared to children.

Print Resources:

Standish, Sarah, Richard Cozzens, and Rana Abdul-Aziz. Jusoor: Beginning Arabic for High School (tentative title). Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, forthcoming.

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