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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Creating Effective Citizens.
Exploring the Issues.
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For Teachers

Mann, Sheilah and John J. Patrick, eds. Education for Civic Engagement in Democracy: Service Learning and Other Promising Practices. Bloomington, IN: ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies and Social Science Education, 2000.

Parker, W. C., ed. Education for Democracy, Contexts, Curricula, Assessments. Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing, 2002.

Rose, Lowell C. and Alec M. Gallup. "The 32nd Annual Phi Delta Kappa Gallup Poll ofthe Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools." V82, n1, p. 21-66, Bloomington, IN: Phi Delta Kappan, 2000.

Soder, R., J. I. Goodlad, and T. J. McMannon, eds. Developing Democratic Character in the Young. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Inc., 2001.

Related Web Sites
For Teachers

National Council for Social Studies
The NCSS identifies ways of implementing standards-based themes in social studies curricula.

Debate of Important National Issues
This site contains a non-partisan network of educational and community organizations that promote the debate of important national issues.

National and Community Service
The Corporation for National and Community Service provides links to community service organizations in each state and a guidebook for student involvement.

National Center for Education Statistics
The National Center for Education Statistics site focuses on the highlights of U.S. results in the 1999 International IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) Civic Education Study.


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